I make videos that represent transformation of life in a supernatural world, an eclectic mix of Luis Bunuel-like surrealism and self-portrait of feminist artists. They are the consequence of a collection of queries about the encounters of time. I am in the now, portraying a moment where past, present and future are reconciled. Antiquity and contemporary are no longer considered individually. Time is arrested and the most pivotal second is not evident. I unveil the cycle of extinction and convey being lost in time and losing time. When you sleep in your bed, safe and secure, time is so biased that it is not going to warn you that tomorrow night you will be ant and earthworm fresh meal.
    I feel what is past in the now. Today I smell the chemicals in a photography darkroom in Tehran. I perpetuate the initial glimpse of the miraculous instant of falling for art, meshed with the picture of ten girls wearing veils and playing basketball on a warm sunny day, which suddenly appeared in the tray.
   Transience, revolution, and confusion comprise the focus of my art practice. I depict hypnotizing and therapeutic atmosphere through repetition that addresses personal anxieties and fears. Self-projection is a crucial element in the totality of the resulting work. Living the first four years of my life in Iran during the “Persian Gulf War” compels me to create videos about human anatomy. I examine psychological aspects of social life such as denials, a consequence of inheritable identity juxtapose with somatic representation of paradoxical body perhaps being defenseless and impervious to devastation. Personal and societal distress and grief compel my exploration of natural catastrophes and disasters (like water crisis and earthquake) as well as cultural catastrophes (like female vulnerability and identity).
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