Four Channel Video Installation / Back Projectiom TRT: 4'12" , 2013
Consider the cold confined space where you cannot differentiate between yourself nor anyone else. Fear and anger juxtapose. It is the border between being approved or denied; a false moment of celebration. Your destination is in limbo indefinitely. Although your body temperature is low, you sweat, constantly aware of your accelerated heartbeat. Only decision and resolution rescue you from angst. When you are scared of being judged, you concentrate more than you should in order to avoid making a mistake or answering inappropriately. Your personal belongings are under close inspection during chaos in order to pass through an invisible door. The tiniest but most significant element of your body, a pattern on your finger, instantly unveils your life. There is a reflection of your face on the glass separating you from your savior or persecutor. Your personality, identity, and mentality have been revolutionized.
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